Coffee flowers

Bolivia La Linda - infusion

INFUSO raccolto

Aromatic notes


The flowers of the coffee plant. With an infusion, the flowers of the coffee plant offer an exceptional sweetness which reminds us of molasses and delicate notes of cherry and flowers.



Origin: Yungas, Caranavi

Finca: Finca La Linda

Growth altitude: 1400-1450 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Longberry

Processing method: Drying

Everything you want to know

When we talk about coffee flowers, what are we referring to?

The coffee flowers grow on the coffee tree after the rains and mark the beginning of the process during which the coffee tree matures its fruit. The flowers are harvested so as not to damage the crop, just before spontaneously falling from the plant, and are dried in order to keep their aromas intact.

These flowers come from Arabica plants of the Longberry variety of Finca La Linda, in the Yungas region of Bolivia, grown at an altitude between 1400-1450 meters above sea level.

How do you prepare the coffee flower infusion?

At home or in your bar, you can prepare a cup of coffee flower infusion by following these steps:

- Heat the water to 93 ° or bring it to a boil and wait about 30 seconds

- Pour 225 ml of water into the French Press and add 3 grams of coffee flowers (at least this is the ideal ratio we found, but you can have fun adjusting and testing it)

- Leave to infuse for 2 minutes

Now, you can enjoy this fantastic drink, sweet and full of aromatic notes!

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