Hario One Cup Cafeor Dripper


A compact dripper with a metal filter, perfect for making a great cup of brewed coffee. In fact, the Cafeor One Cup dripper is ideal for the barista who wants to offer their clients something different in their coffee shop, but also for the coffee lover who likes to prepare a cup of filter coffee at home in a different way, by experimenting with new tools.


Everything you want to know

If you love the taste of filter coffee like the one made with a V60, but prefer a greater and more rounded body, then try this Cafeor Dripper by Hario.

The Cafeor Dripper Hario One Cup is a compact tool consisting of 2 parts:

  • a very fine but ultra-strong glass cup (characteristic of all Hario glasses)
  • a plastic upper part that contains a conical metal filter that can be reused indefinitely

The Cafeor One Cup, as the name implies, is designed to prepare one cup at a time. In fact, its compact shape is perfect to be used with 12 / 15 gr of ground coffee with medium / large grain size and about 200 gr of water. After use, you can insert the upside-down plastic part inside the glass cup to reduce the overall storage dimensions. The Cafeor One Cup Dripper is easy to clean and, thanks to its compact size, also suitable to go with you on all your travels!


  • Material: glass and plastic
  • Filter: steel
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Dimensions: 11.6 cm width x 9.8 cm length x 14.8 cm height


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