“Focus” herbal tea

Remedium N.5

The Remedium N.5 Focus herbal tea is made for thinking. Useful for rediscovering harmony, it is a panacea for one’s creativity.

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Everything you want to know

Remedium N.5 is an infusion made for thinking. The balance of this herbal tea rests on flavors and aromas that are useful for rediscovering harmony, sublimating every moment of pause.

Focus is composed of 9 herbs that evolve on the palate and give the right gustatory balance. An all-Mediterranean journey, thanks to the freshness of mint and basil, which is sweetened with Moldavian verbena and lemon balm. Rosemary and rhodiola rosea complete the circle which, together with the astringent body developed on maté, ginkgo and centella asiatica, make this Remedium the ideal travel companion to find the right focus.

Method of consumption: each sachet is designed for use in water up to 600ml. It is recommended to infuse 2 g x 1-2 cups, depending on the preferred intensity of taste.

Content: jar 90 gr


Who is Wilden?

Wilden is an act of love towards nature. A return to the "wild" through a range of herbal products, capable of instilling well-being and sustainability. For this Wilden promotes plant education, which passes through soil fertility and the choice of exceptional raw materials, rediscovering ancient remedies and adapting them to modern needs. Each plant deserves to be known and appreciated at 360 °.

Wilden is 100% biodegradable, with a compostable filter. Each herb used is certified organic.

We inform you that the Remedium Herbal Tea "Focus," which is currently subject to a 50% discount promotion, expires in 10/2023. Please consume it by that date.

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