Loveramics Latte Art Cups

for cappuccino - 300 ml

Is Latte Art your passion and you’ve thought about competing? Are your current cappuccino cups too small for the figures and forms you want to create?



Everything you want to know

Latte Art is today not only popular in Italy, but worldwide. In fact, there are many young baristas who get creative and are constantly developing new and spectacular forms and figures.

The Loveramics cups have the perfect size for whoever wants to train for their next Latte Art championship, or simply, for those who like to use them in their everyday barista life instead of the smaller cappuccino cups.

That's probably also why Loveramics are the official cups used in the World Latte Art Championship in Italy and around the world. Their diameter is great, to let you express all your creativity and to train for any upcoming Latte Art competition.

In addition to being the official cups of the Latte Art competitions, they also have a refined and at the same time colorful design. Perfect for an extra large cappuccino at the bar or at home.

All cups are sold together with their own saucer / plate.


  • Material: ceramic
  • Model: Egg
  • Cup capacity: 300ml / 10oz
  • Cup diameter: 10.5 cm
  • Saucer diameter: 15,5cm
  • Available colors: beige, red, yellow, water green

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