Flower Bloom Coffee

Spring coffee blend

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We missed Spring so much and its flowery and fresh aromas on our palate. If you are a coffee lover, you will love this seasonal coffee, in limited edition and made up of unique specialty coffees traceable from the origin to the cup.

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Everything you want to know

We have created this Specialty and traceable coffee blend with three super-selected Arabica coffees. These are exceptionally unique coffees that bring flowery, fresh aromas into the cup, balanced with an enveloping sweetness. It could not be otherwise! Flower Bloom Coffee, the coffee blend of Primavera, is Women Coffee Project, available only at this time of year.

- BRAZIL Fazenda Isidro Pereira: processed with natural method

- ETHIOPIA Aramo Kebele: processed with washed method

- RWANDA Nova Cafè Des Mamas: processed with washed method

In the cup we discover a coffee with exceptionally flowery aromatic notes, characterized by aromas of citrus flowers, apricot and caramel. We missed that enveloping spring scent so much, which will flood your palate at the first sip of this special blend.

Our team of experts recommends this blend for moka pot or espresso. Not bad even when tasted in filter.


Caffèlab is amongst the founding members of the International Women's Coffee Alliance in Italy. IWCA's objective is to grow awareness for women who work in the coffee industry, especially in producing countries. In a still very male prioritized sector as the one of coffee, we ensure that women are treated with the utmost respect and paid regular wages, guaranteeing a good life standard for themselves and their families.  Visit IWCA Italy's website for more details about all our activities.

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