Wooden Cold Brew Stand Hario


A spectacular Cold Brew column, which not only looks great but also prepares an excellent cold coffee. This must-have tool is for real coffee lovers!


Everything you want to know

The beginning of summer is a synonym for: iced coffee! Why not prepare it with one of the coolest extraction methods invented in the past years?

This is the Cold Brew, a method to extract coffee slowly which allows you to prepare an exceptionally sweet and syrupy cold coffee, with a nice design. The infusion time is between 5 and 8 hours!

There are many reasons for choosing the Hario Cold Brew stand. In fact, a cold extraction helps to avoid extracting the bitter notes of coffee and limits its acidity and caffeine. The Hario Cold Brew Colum, positioned above the bar counter, certainly doesn't go unnoticed and fascinates customers with its design which reminds us of a chemistry laboratory.

This wooden version, with its glass coils and metal finishes, in addition to furnishing the room, allows you to prepare 2 liters of Cold brew and, if you like, also two different coffees, one per pitcher.

Try it without anything, on the rocks, with milk, with almond milk, but also with tonic water and a slice of lime! The cold brew can be an ideal ingredient for your summer drinks. You can enjoy it immediately or store it in the fridge for a few days.


At first glance it may seem very complicated but it is actually very easy to use:

  • Place the jugs into the lower part of the column
  • Insert the metal filters into the glass cylinders
  • Then insert the ground coffee with a large grain size and the paper filter
  • Afterwards, place the glass stoppers onto the cylinders and the beautiful (but delicate!) glass coils
  • Fill the upper tank with the right amount of cold water (we love to start with a brew ratio of 70gr / l) which will be dosed over the coffee panels by the adjustable taps that adjust the extraction speed
  • At this point  you'll just have to wait patiently :)


  • Materials: glass, wood, metal
  • Taps: adjustable metal
    Filters: steel
    Size: 29,5 cm width x 23 cm length x 98cm height

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