Barista Set

kit for barista

Are you a professional-, a new barista or simpy coffee lover, who wants to start creating beautiful Latte Art? These are the best tools for baristas who want to work with essential and great equipment, entirely Made in Italy.




Everything you want to know

Let's start with a nice and basic equipment, absolutely perfect for your journey into the world of coffee and barista.

Inside this set you'll find:

  • Motta ball tamper: the right thickness and handle tamper for correct coffee tampering. Remember to check the diameter of the porta-filter of your machine. This tamper is available in 58 and 53 mm
  • Motta milk jug 50 cl: the right size for two cappuccinos and perfect for Latte Art, made of stainless steel
  • Motta Latte Art pen: to define the first figures on your cappuccino

A perfect set for those of you who are setting up their espresso station at home, for baristas who are starting their professional career or opening their own coffee shop.

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